Today was the first day day of vbs and it was so great! This church was called Santa Rosa. When we first got there the kids came and we played with them. I loved hanging out with the kids and trying to speak spanish with them. Soon we went into the main room and did worship, Bible verse and Bible story.

When this was done, the kids split up and went into their groups. There ware games, crafts, and object lesson/snacks. The 3-5 year olds went to games first. They tried to play duck duck goose and tag. Only a couple of kids knew duck duck goose, so it only lasted a couple minutes. They tried to explain tag but it didnt work. The kids ended up playing with soccer balls frisbees and jump ropes.

Another station was crafts. We did string art shaped as a heart. The kids had such a great time making these. The third group was object lesson. The lesson for today was the Gods love is neverending. To show this they had a pitcher that would tip upside down let all the water out and then it would fill back up. Not only was this a fun trick for the kids but a good representation of God’s love. It keeps filling us back up and it never ends.

All too quickly it was lunch time and we have chicken and rice, and raspberry tea. From what we saw and what the kids said, they really liked the food. After VBS, the team headed out on to riverboat tour, and it was so amazing seeing God’s creation in Costa Rica. Todays vbs went great and we cant wait to see what God will do in the lives of the kids tomorrow.

-Karis Peitre & Brenna Moore