Hello Kids On A Mission Friends,

This year is proving to be very exciting for Kids On A Mission.  All along, our mission has been “To EMPOWER kids to lead projects, DEVELOP their leadership and communication skills, CONNECT them to the key initiatives, BUILD teams and partners, GIVE time, talents, and treasures to SERVE kids in poverty and IMPACT the world for God’s glory”.

Several months ago God impressed upon my heart the idea of having kids/young adults lead and run most areas of the organization.  I prayed about it and then asked Kaitlin to join me in praying about it.  My desire was for us both to ask God who should join our staff and that we would agree upon the decision.  God answered our prayers and directed us to two gifted, Jesus-loving, servants.  Kaitlin met with them, explained the opportunity, and asked them to pray about it.  They both responded with a ‘YES’ and we are SO thankful.  We now have 3 part-time, young adults leading, empowering, and encouraging our younger kids that are involved in KOAM!  

This fits beautifully with our mission.  It would be our goal to continue to have kids that have served and led teams in KOAM join us on staff when they are older.  So….please join me in welcoming Kate Ackley, Ashley Goldsmith, and Kaitlin Riffel to the staff of Kids On A Mission!  Please keep the team in your prayers as we clarify roles and seek God’s will for this ministry.

All for Him,
Lorinda Riffel
Executive Director

Kate Ackley~ 17 yrs. old
Fun fact: She loves dogs. Be careful taking her anywhere in public because she will stop and greet every passing pup.

Why she’s excited to work with KOAM: She has the opportunity to be the hands and feet of God.


Kaitlin Riffel~ 16 yrs. old
Fun fact: She LOVES missions trips and has been on four to the countries of Kenya, Costa Rica, and El Salvador (twice)!

Why she’s excited to continue working with KOAM: She sees the power in kids going out of their way to serve others and be a blessing to those who are less fortunate. 


Ashley Goldsmith~ 17 yrs. old
Fun fact: She passionate about written and oral communication. AND she can touch her tongue to her nose.

Why she’s excited to work with KOAM: She loves to defy society’s low expectations for kids and believes wholeheartedly that God can use them to change the world.


What we’ve been up to:
  • Our Yard Sale Fundraiser was a fun and successful event! It wouldn’t have been possible without the donations and help of several kids and their families.
  • Kaitlin and Ashley shared the story and mission of KOAM with a local chapter of the Philanthropic Educational Organization.
  • 22 individuals applied for the upcoming Costa Rica Missions trip!


Yard Sale Fundraiser (April 28-29) 
We raised $1,070 with proceeds going to all three initiatives!