In most places in America, we have the ability to go to our sink at any given moment and fill our cups up with water.  We have clean water at our fingertips whenever we need it… but can you imagine living without that simple luxury? There are so many people around this world that don’t have the same privileges that we do here. I have personally stepped foot into countries and met people that have been seriously affected by the lack of clean water in their community.

When my family was in El Salvador, we met a little boy named Will… we asked him more about his life and he ended up telling us that he had 12 siblings. We later found out that 6 of them have passed away because they didn’t drink clean water.  Just imagine that. Watching SIX of your siblings pass away because of something that they couldn’t even help. Now this is where Kids On A Mission comes in.

KOAM has a Clean Water Initiative where kids here in the Fresno area are working to raise money, do fundraisers, and share with others their passion to give life to kids all around the world. This initiative is currently working with an organization called Water4 that maintains and installs water wells in countries in Africa.

Last year, the Clean Water Initiative raised over $12,000 to bless families in the countries of Zambia and Togo with a new water well. They also restored 13 wells in Malawi!

In 2019, they have even bigger goals to make a difference in this world! They are wanting to raise $18,500 to install 5 new water wells and restore 14! All of this will be done in various countries in Africa! After these projects are funded, we will be receiving pictures and more details on the communities. We can’t wait to share them with you!

Keep the water team in your prayers as they continue to raise money and do various projects to reach their goals this year!