A couple of weeks ago, our Costa Rica team was able to reunite!! It was such an amazing time for us to reconnect and see each others faces after over a month of not seeing each other!  We knew that after we got home from this trip that we would all need to get together again so we could talk about the amazing things that God did in our hearts and lives during our time in Costa Rica.  


So, we all gathered together and began sharing stories and talking about the highlights that we experienced and the many lessons that God taught us during our time abroad. The crazy inside jokes and memories that we made are still laughed at today, although it has been almost 2 months since we have returned home.  


One thing that we talked about the last day on our trip was that we wanted to continue to live out the mission that we started when we were in Costa Rica.  We wanted to continue to live a missional life, focusing on building the Kingdom even when we got home and started our normal routine and busy schedules again.  So when we gathered back together, we were able to catch up and hear about the many things that we were happening in each others lives, the mission opportunities that some of our team members are embarking on this summer, and so much more.  


This team has turned into one big family and I am so thankful for every one of them and their wonderful and giving hearts to serve those in Costa Rica.  The memories that were made will last a lifetime and I know that we will continue to reminisce on all of those wonderful times for a long long time.  


Thank you to everyone for following along on our journey and supporting and praying for us.  We could not have done it without you.