Today was day 2 at for the VBS at the first church. We shared the story of Zachoues and our big idea was “loving the unlovable”. 

At first, it was very hard to feel connected to the kids because of the language barrier, but today seemed to go much better. We are trying to learn Spanish and we have even taught the people a little bit of English. 

Although, it has been difficult to communicate at times with the people and kids here, there is still something we have in common; we all love God. I believe that is what has drawn us together and has allowed us to create friendships with them. 

Someone who has assisted us greatly is a 28 year old man at the church, named Andres. He is very energetic and caring with the kids. He also helps translate; even though, he barely speaks English! God has definitely blessed us with him!

As the morning went on we did worship, Bible story, practiced our memory verse, did  crafts, an object lesson, and concluded with lunch.

In the afternoon, we went back to Susan’s house to hangout for a bit and to prepare for our adventurous  river boat ride! During the boat ride we saw monkeys, a variety of birds, and beautiful iguanas. 

On our way back to the house, we stopped at a restaurant for dinner, which consisted of chicken, fish, or beef; rice, eggs, plantains, salad, and beans. It was very delicious!

A few of the team members have some additional comments on their experience so far in Costa Rica…

“Even through there is a language barrier, I feel like the kids are very welcoming and accepting.” -Blake Deffenbacher 

“It is so amazing to see the kids accept Jesus into their hearts.” -Karissa Moore

~Kaitlyn Ackley