Wow! We had a great time on our last full day in Costa Rica. Our Bible Story for the children was the Zacchaeus story. They learned about how God loves all of us even though we sin. We don’t have to be perfect to receive his love. It was raining right before we got to the church so we got muddy out at the games, but we had fun. After we fed the kids we headed off to hike to a waterfall. It was an amazing sight! The water was very cold and we couldn’t get too close to the waterfall because the current pushed us back. After that we visited a very big hot spring with water slides and places to relax. Dinner was at the large buffet there. We have loved being here and are greatful for the hospitality we have been shown by everyone. 


Today was our last day with the kids in Boca Arenal.  We went back to the same church that we went to the past two days and did our final VBS on the Good Samaritan. They learned that we need to love our neighbors even when we don’t want to. It was emotional leaving the church, knowing that we won’t see them for a while and have to leave this beautiful country. The pastor was so thankful for all that we have done for them and prepared for us a homemade blueberry ice cream. We said our sad goodbyes and came back to Susan’s house to play in the lake one last time and pack up for our bus that picks us up at 7:30 tonight. We had such an incredible trip and all grew in our relationships with each other and with the Lord. We are so thankful for Susan’s hospitality and hope to come back next year! Thank you so much for following us on our journey and for supporting us in so many ways. We appreciate all of you! Dios le vendiga! ❤