Today was our last day in Costa Rica. It was also our last day at the second church. We started our day off with breakfast and a devotional led by Bradley, Ashley, and Brent. Then we packed the vans and headed to the second church.

At the second church we started off as always with games and face painting. Then when the vans came back we started the VBS. After the opening, the pastor handed out certificates to representatives from all the different churches we go to. Then we went through all the stations. After the VBS was over the pastor wanted to show his appreciation for our team. They gave us homemade ice cream and cake for Ethan’s Birthday. Shout out to Ethan it’s his birthday today. We also sang Happy Birthday in English and Spanish, and this man, Entemo, sang songs for us to thank us.

After the VBS we went to the grocery store to buy food for people at the second church. We bought food in bulk for the pastor to split up among families who are in need.

After we came home and washed both of the vans. Then Joe, Susan, and Brent went to drop off the vans. We then were given cards to write letters to people to show how thankful we are for all they did for our team.

Then we took all our pictures, shed a few tears, and said our goodbyes to Nelly, Yenny, Steven, Crystal and Christopher.

After that we ate dinner. Then we celebrated Ethan and Jack’s birthday. Angelica and Gabriel made birthday cakes for both of them and we sang, ate cake, and gave them their birthday cards.

Then the bus showed up three hours early. Then people went to their rooms to shower and pack the rest of their stuff. After that we had to say our goodbyes to Jack, Alondra, Julia, and Aaron.

Then we all came back and did a team debrief. We talked about our day and what to change for the trip to come. Then after that it was finally time for us to say goodbye, to Angelica and Gabriel. There was lots of tears. We finally got on the bus after like half an hour of saying goodbye.


-Samantha Portale