Today was another eventful day in Costa Rica. We got up this morning and had a great breakfast followed by an amazing devotional on courage by Savannah, Sam, and Mrs. Lazzarini. Then we loaded the vans and headed off to the second church and began our first day of Vacation Bible School. We focused today on the Story of Adam and Eve, and that God is Holy. The time was filled with games, worship, exciting experiments, and a creative craft that went along with the lesson. All the while, precious smiles, laughter, and great joy exuded from the kids. Also, kudos to Kate for she ministered to 7 dogs today at the church (if you don’t know, there are a ton of stray dogs in Costa Rica); she gave them food, water and a name, helping to nourish them to better health. Snaps for Kate!!

After, we all packed into the vans and went to an animal rescue place. There we learned how their animals are taken in and are helped and nourished back to health to eventually be released back into the wild (unless they physically can’t). We got to see beautiful toucans, birds, iguanas, monkeys, snapping turtles, caimans, and many other animals. The highlight of our day (I think we all can agree) was that we all got to hold hands with a monkey!

We arrived back home and had a wonderful dinner prepared by Aaron! Thank you for all your continuous prayers! So thankful for today and all that God is doing through us and for us!

– Olivia Lazzarini