Last year I had the amazing opportunity to join Kids On A Mission on its mission trip to Costa Rica (for the second year).  We served in two churches in the vicinity of Boca Arenal, Costa Rica.  Our team along with the support of two local churches put on a vacation Bible school, reaching kids ranging from preschool to beyond high school in age.  Not only did we have the opportunity to meet their spiritual needs, but we were able to provide food for the kids and some of their families who were in need.

Personally, it was a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and put my trust in God for the trip finances and that He will help me be His hands and feet in another country.  He helped me to share His love with them and see them through his eyes.  But, as a father it was an opportunity for me to watch my child pour into the lives of kids in another country and see her trusting God as she prepared for the trip.  My daughter had the opportunity to learn firsthand about another culture.  Not through the lens of an interesting school lesson, but getting to see kids that live in a completely different place, with completely different lives, who Jesus also died to save.  I got to watch in awe as God put his love and compassion for these kids into her heart.

Missions trips are great opportunities for us to put our trust in God and his plan for our lives, and put our faith into practice giving of ourselves to others.  As a parent going with your child is even more amazing, not only are you changed, but you get to see the changes that God is making in your child as well.