This morning me and 2 other team members did a devotion on how sometimes what we focus on, isn’t what we need to focus on. With this in mind, I was able to think about the devotion throughout my day. So thinking about what was important, and what God wanted, made me have a deeper relationship with the kids that I got to connect with. 
      Today, we went to the same church we went to yesterday and did our day 2 program with them. We taught them the lesson of the precious pearl and shared with them how much Jesus loves them. 
So at the VBS, i got to know an 11 year old boy, named Fouricio. At the end of the VBS on both days, he always was the last person there, along with his siblings. We always played games with them while they were there and got to connect with them all. I had such an amazing time getting to know Fouricio. 
    Once we left the VBS, we came home real quick, then got ready to go to the river boat tour on the Rio Frio which is right near the border of Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  We got there and got on the boat. It was a beautiful sight and we saw so many cool things such as monkeys, cayman, and several different birds. 
    After, we came home and had a time together in worship. Then we did our team debrief. 
It was an amazing day! Please keep our team in prayers as we have our final day at the church tomorrow. 
~Braelyn Riffel