Today the morning for the team opened with a devotion on boldness. This devotion challenged the team to be bold with their faith as we went out to pass out the invitations in our last community. The entire team was challenged to pick something that would push them out of their comfort zone as they handed out invitations.
Then the team headed out to our final church to hand out invitations. We broke up into four groups and each group was given a local to guide us around the community. My group was composed of Brent, Kaitlin, and I and we also had the pastor of the church Rigoberto with us. We went around and gave out all our invitations, and Kaitlin and I got the opportunity to connect with the pastor using our broken Spanish and his broken English. It was a lot of fun to be able develop a more personal relationship with Rigoberto.
Then the team headed back to the house to enjoy some time at the lake, and got to get some rest. We were able to spend quality time with each other, and prepare ourselves for the last church.
Then finally the team closed the night with dinner with two special guests who were Andres, a leader from the second church, and his wife. The team was able to talk with Andres about the best possible ways to better connect with the kids. We also were able to discuss some ways that Andres could better teach and engage the kids in learning about Jesus. Today was a great day for the team and we are looking forward to the next few days with the last church.

Jeremiah David Sieperda the First
Jeremiah Sieperda