And as You speak, A hundred billion galaxies are born. In the vapor of Your breath the planets form. If the stars were made to worship so will I. And as You speak, A hundred billion creatures catch Your breath, Evolving in pursuit of what You said. If it all reveals Your nature so will I” -So Will I

      All I can think about this week while I’ve been here in Costa Rica is: how can someone possibly believe everything exists without a creator? From the riverboat tour when we looked for all the monkeys and birds, to the crazy beautiful night skies, how can someone think it isn’t a masterpiece, handmade by the creator Himself. Last night, walking up to the house, we looked up and saw the stars. And I mean, not the Fresno stars. But no city lights, no houses, sky full of stars and planets. Each one hand placed by the Creator to create a painted sky. All that went through my head was, this can’t be accidental. 

        This morning in worship, we were able to sing the song that the verse above comes. The song just lays out the simple truth about how everything was created by and for God. It’s hard not to worship, knowing the fact that everything surrounding you already is singing. The stars. The birds. The trees. EVERYTHING. It gives me a sense of an unexplainable awe of the one who created me. Ashley shared about her reading in Genesis and reminded us the verse about how He created everything, yet He called us VERY good. Yet all of us are amazed by the creation surrounding us, and to to think that God thinks of us of being better than that. It’s crazy.

        Not just the fact that He created me, but the kids who we get to love on during our VBS. It makes it so much easier to see the kids through the eyes of God, when we know how God sees us. It’s so much easier to have an overflow of love for the kids, when we are able to understand how much God loves us. 

        Today, we went to our first day at our last church, Baca Baptist. We had around 100 kids show up and it was AMAZING. The joy of the kids was just overflowing. From the crafts to the games and food, the kids were such a blast to get to be with. I’m really excited for what the new few days has for the hearts and the lives we get to interact with. Each day we have had more and more kids come, so I’m looking forward to what tomorrow holds.

      During our night debrief, we had the privilege of having a couple ladies join us that got to help at their very first VBS. It was so encouraging to hear that the way we communicate the gospel is so different than they are used to. The team expresses joy, and pure excitement when sharing the word of God, which isn’t normal for them. It’s great to hear that our team was able to make the word come alive and real for these kids. We are so thankful for the privilege of what we are getting to do.  

-Nick Skipper