In a few weeks I will be 18 years old. It seems a bit crazy to think that technically, I will no longer be a “kid”. While this is a bit sad, I am also extremely excited to mentor those who are younger than me in the same way I was mentored over the last several years. When I was about 12 years old, I had the privilege of being involved with Kids On A Mission as we raised $75,000 for a playground at Rescue the Children. Those experiences of fundraising, brainstorming ideas with my friends as to how we were going to accomplish our goal, and speaking on a variety of platforms helped to develop in me a passion for serving others and confidence in my ability to lead. I also learned that God can use the enthusiasm and creativity of kids to accomplish big things. I continue to see this truth displayed through young people like Braelyn. 11 year old Braelyn is the leader of the clean water initiative and has a passion for a practical, life-bringing cause. 

“This year our clean water team is raising money for water wells in 3 [impoverished] communities in [countries such as] Kenya, Haiti, & Ethiopia. We have already raised enough money for 1 well. Providing clean water for families is very important, because we know that kids die every day around the world by drinking dirty water. I have met kids in El Salvador that have lost their family members because they didn’t have clean drinking water. Let’s provide life!! We can keep families alive by giving them clean water!” 
~Braelyn Riffel

Watch the video below to learn more about Water 4, the organization we’re partnering with to purchase and install these water wells! If you would like to support KOAM’s water initiative or any of our initiatives, you can do so in several ways. Please be praying for our leaders, team members, upcoming presentations/fundraisers, and the families that will be blessed by each of KOAM’s projects. You can also partner with us financially by clicking the “Donate to KOAM” button below! Thank you for being a part of the incredible things God is doing through Kids On A Mission.

Ashley Goldsmith
Leadership and Communications Director

Most recent fundraiser…
Our Car Show and Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Fundraiser was a success!!! The funds from this fundraiser alone will allow us to bless about 125 less-fortunate kids through clean water, backpacks with school supplies, or nutrition in a children’s home. THANK YOU to Doc Burnstein’s ice cream, Chosen Yogurt, and all of you who came out to support us!

What it means to be a kid on a mission…

 “Being a kid on a mission means being focused and determined to provide for other families in town or around the world with the help of God. To not let others say I’m too little to raise money of any amount to help others in need”

~Jailyn (age 9)