Last week was a pretty wild week for Kids On A Mission. From June tenth through the fourteenth, Kids On A Mission got to spend the week hanging out at New Covenant Church’s VBA, Vacation Bible Adventure, and the team had a blast!


On Monday, the team was invited to go up during the closing and share all about the water team with the kids, and announce the VBA’s goal for the week, $2,500 to build a water well in Sierra Leone! On Tuesday, the team shared about Kids On A Mission during craft time. We even had a booth set up, where we got to meet the kids as they stopped by.


VBA was an amazing experience and KIds On A Mission is so grateful that we got to be apart of it. But the most amazing part of the week was the end, the very end of the last day during the closing. The whole week had been building up to it, and the kids were all so excited to see if they did it, to see if they reached their goal.


Raising $2,500 seems like a huge task for a bunch of kids. How big of an impact can a bunch of kids make anyways?


The impact that this project and these kids made is priceless.


The kids at New Cov didn’t just meet their goal, but destroyed it, bringing a grand total of $4,040, providing the funds for not only a well in Sierra Leone, but provided the rest of the funds needed for one in Liberia, and restored one in Uganda as well!


This was amazing, not just the kids bringing in $4,000, but watching them defy stereotypes and expectations. Often, society likes to try and put a limit on the impact kids can make, and the things they can achieve. We often expect so little of kids. We give them low expectations, low goals, so there’s no way they can fail, but this also keeps them from shooting for the stars and doing their absolute best.


But kids are surprising, and these kids just defied the stereotypes.


Because of them, over 600 people across three different countries will have access to life bringing clean water. This is the sort of impact kids can make.


And because of this project, this goal and the surpassing of it, over three hundred kids have been empowered. This is the sort of impact Kids ON A Mission makes.


And both are amazing and priceless. Way to go New Cov kids and KOAM team!