Only Water Fundraiser

Behind the fundraiser:

How often do we take for granted the thing that’s most essential to life on earth- water? In most places in America, it takes little effort to get a cup of clean water to drink. However, this is not reality for people in many parts of the world.


Join us from October 21st-25th for KOAM’s Only Water Challenge! Those of us who engage in this challenge will choose to drink only water from Monday to Friday. Then, we will donate the money we would have usually spent on coffee, soda, juice, and other drinks to the Clean Water Team!
All proceeds will go to build water wells in the Congo through Water 4!

Goal of this challenge:

Through this challenge, we hope to gain an appreciation for something we often take for granted: water. More than this, we also will help to provide clean water for those whose access to it is far more limited than ours

Link for donation for Only Water Fundraiser: 

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