As most of you know, Kids On A Mission is so passionate about our two key initiatives and the many people that we will be able to bless because of them.  We really want to give kids and families in our community the opportunity to go into the world and serve others, whether that be by raising money for a water well that will go into Africa, being a part of one of our mission trips, or raising money for backpacks and taking them into the community.  We can see the power in kids going into the world and making a significant difference in the lives of so many people and that is our true heartbeat.  Now, to make all of this happen, and to complete our goals, we have to engage with kids and get them to play a big role in achieving this.  


This last Saturday, the 27th, we had an AMAZING initiative get together with so many wonderful people.  We had 34 people attend and hear more about what Kids On A Mission is and what we can do to achieve our goals for this year! We have so so much planned for 2018 and so many things that we want to accomplish and I cannot wait to see all of the kids step up and lead some of our projects and fundraisers this year! During the meeting on Saturday, many great ideas, comments, and thoughts were shared as we plan for 2018 and set our specific goals for our initiative teams!


God is going to do a lot in the hearts and minds of the many people that are involved in Kids On A Mission this year and I am so excited to see where He leads us!