Huge things have been happening to the water team lately! 
In May the water initiative got a brand new video that several Kids On A Mission kids stared in and were even interviewed for! At initiative meetings, the kids were able to come together to think of new fundraising ideas, plan on how to reach the team goal set at the begging of the year, and participated in change completions against the backpack team.  
The video wasn’t the only big thing to happen to the water team this summer!  In June, Kids On A Mission was able to partner with NorthPointe Community Church for Summer Extreme Days, a five-day long vacation Bible school.
Several Kids On A Mission kids had the opportunity to stand up on stage and speak about the Water Initiative and their own personal experiences, and everyone worked together to count the tons of change the NorthPointe kids raised. This event was huge, and I, personally was able to see many of the kids on the Kids On A Mission team grow in confidence and ability through speaking in front of hundreds of other kids their age. The kids at NorthPointe set the goal to raise enough money to restore ten wells in the country of Malawi. Through God, the NorthPointe Kids raised over $6,500, enough money to restore thirteen water wells and save hundreds of lives! 
Out of everything that has happened to the water team this summer, the biggest has to do with the goal. At the beginning of the year, the team set a goal to raise $8,700 to both build and restore wells. However, the water team didn’t raise $8,700. No. They went way beyond! The kids, so far, have raised a total of $12,271! In fact, the goal for the end of the year had to be changed and is now $15,963! So far, two wells have been built, one in Zambia and one in Togo, and thirteen have been restored in Malawi, and the team hopes to fund two more wells in Uganda and Liberia. 
God has done amazing things through the kids on the water team, and we know he will do so many more in the future. The kids on the water team have been a blessing to Kids On A Mission and in turn, they have been able to bless people all over the world. They have all grown so much over the summer, and every day there are becoming better leaders. It has been amazing to work with them and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the water team and the kids on it.   
~Savannah Moore