Hi Everyone!

Isn’t it amazing that we are already almost through the ninth month of the year? It’s incredible how much God has done through the kids and community members involved with Kids On A Mission. We have funded one water well for an impoverished community in Ethiopia, distributed backpacks in various communities, and are preparing a team to go to Costa Rica in December to hold a VBS for precious kiddos in poor areas of the country. God is using kids to serve and show love to those in need in our community and around the world. We can see this taking place through the Children’s Home Initiative. This team has raised enough funds so far to provide life-saving nutrition for three kids in a children’s home in Haiti for an entire year! Kate Ackley sees incredible value in this initiative.

“I am really passionate about the Children’s Home initiative, because I think in America, we tend to take a lot for granted; including our access to good nutrition. We open the fridge, take a look, and we say “There is nothing to eat. I’m going down the street to In n Out”.  In many other countries people and babies are starving. They have to go days without food. The Children’s Home initiative is partnering with The Children of the Promise and their mission is “To provide excellent physical, spiritual, emotional, educational & economic care for at-risk children and families in Haiti, empowering the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.” As I researched more about the children that The Children of the Promise is impacting, it made me thankful for the food I actually do have in my refrigerator. The Children of the Promise not only provides the children with nutrients, but takes care of them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I may not be able to go to Haiti right now and help those babies, but I can definitely raise money to support their mission.”

If you would like to support this initiative and the life-change, empowerment, and outpouring of love that is happening through Kids On A Mission, please keep our organization in your prayers. If you would like support us financially, please click the orange donate button at the bottom of this newsletter. You are an invaluable part of helping to achieve our goal of empowering and mobilizing kids to lead projects of compassion. 

Ashley Goldsmith 
Leadership and Communications Director


Recent Projects:

Porterville Backpack Outreach
On August 6th we partnered with Clovis Hills church to supply backpacks to kids attending the kickoff service at Clovis Hills’ church plant in Porterville. Several members of the Kids On A Mission team had the privilege of distributing backpacks that day! Thank you to everyone who has supported the backpack initiative. You helped to put big smiles on these kids faces and share the love of Christ with them in a practical way.
Kids On A Mission was honored to participate in Molly Day 2017. Kids did yard work for an elderly couple and a family in need, gave thank-you notes and cookies to firemen and policemen, and spent time with disabled children through Joni and Friends. 






We love giving presentations! It’s an amazing opportunity for our kids to grow in their communication skills and for the community to hear about what Kids On A Mission is up to. If you, your business, church, Sunday school class, or Girls Scout troop would like to hear more about KOAM, let us know. Email info@kidsonamission.dreamhosters.com so we can schedule a presentation for your group!