When I first started Kids On A Mission, I was incredibly shy. Speaking in front of anyone was my biggest fear and doing anything that would include people looking at me was not something that I was about to do.  But, little did I know that starting a non-profit would include me being on public platforms and having to talk to many people and stepping out of my comfort zone in a big way. It took an incredible amount of courage that I definitely did not have.  

Fast forward quite a few years and God has used me in ways that I never thought were possible and has grown my confidence in a big way. I have gained the courage to stand on platforms, speak to business leaders about the many things that Kids On A Mission is doing, and inspire other kids to make a difference in their own community.  

Since KOAM has begun, kids all over our community have been involved in serving others. Whether that be by doing a lemonade stand to raise money for the big playground, or by standing on a public platform, or even going on a mission trip and serving people in another country… kids have done so much to bless others. I have personally seen kids that are apart of KOAM step out of their comfort zones and do big things for God. They’ve had the courage to do some things that most adults wouldn’t do and it has inspired many.

Ultimately, God has given us the strength and courage to do some big things in this world.  It has been amazing to see how bold our Kids On A Mission leaders are and how they are being courageous even when it is not the popular choice.


~Kaitlin Riffel