Today we had an amazing first day of vbs at Boca Baptist. Several vans full of kids just kept coming to the vbs and so many kids were there. All together, there were 175 kids. It was so so cool. We have never had that many kids show up on the first day. Today we talked about how God can use anyone. It was so fun watching all the kids learn about that and seeing them do the crafts, games, and object lesson that all talked about how God can use anyone. Next, we served the lunch to all the kids and adults. We had so many people, that we ran out of silverware and plates. It was amazing to see how many people were there. Later today, we went souvenir shopping for a little bit, then we went to a huge hot springs called Baldi. We all had so much fun in the hot springs and our team had a party. Then we got to have a huge buffet at Baldi. Our team had such a great first day at the last church we’re serving at.

-Braelyn Riffel