Today was our third and final day of our vbs at Boca Baptist. We had a record amount of 191 kids attend our vbs and scrambled as some of the teams ran out of supplies due to the amazing numbers of kids. Mr. Holck and my dad (mr. Riffel) are our van drivers and would pick up kids from the streets, houses, bus stops and parks and bring them to our vbs as they would be there awaiting the vans to arrive. Kids would run up to the vans in excitement and pile in to the point where Mr. Holck had 25 kids in his 12 passenger van. Many kids would just come up and hug on my out of excitement and happiness because we had come again and they would get to learn more about God. I got to sit on the floor and play with sweet little kids and although I might not have understood them, a smile is universal. I got to serve lunch to all the moms and kids and was blessed to be able to hand out over 250 meals today. Sadly tonight we pack up and head home tomorrow morning. Costa Rica has been beautiful and an amazing experience. 🙂


Mika Riffel