How much of the money I donate goes to the actual initiatives of Kids On A Mission?
100% of money donated for initiatives goes directly to the initiatives. We believe it is important for all donations received by kids to directly fund the initiative that they are working on. Kids On A Mission accepts separate donations that support us administratively.
How do I become involved with Kids On A Mission?
Go to the ‘Get Involved’ button and follow the link to RSVP for an event or email us at info@kidsonamission.dreamhosters.com.
How can I help with Kids On A Mission if I don’t live in Central California?
Email us at info@kidsonamission.dreamhosters.com and we can help you start a fundraiser in your area.
How do I donate to Kids On A Mission?

You can go to our home page and select ‘Donate‘ which will lead you to our secure website checkout.

Or, checks can be mailed to:
Kids On A Mission
PO Box 3471
Pinedale, CA 93650

How do I sign up to receive the Kids On A Mission Newsletter?
Go to our home page and under ‘Get Involved‘ you can sign up to receive our ‘Newsletter’.
Is Kids On A Mission on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube?

We are on all three:

Where can I find updates on the teams that are active and the Initiatives?
We update our website frequently so that you can always know how Kids On A Mission is sharing Jesus throughout the world. You can also follow us on our blog or Facebook.
As an adult, can I volunteer?

Yes, we have opportunities for adults in Central California to volunteer with our events and teams. Go to our home page and under ‘Get Involved’ and choose ‘Adults‘. Adults will be required to submit information that is necessary to conduct a background check.