Hey everyone! Happy Sunday!

We hope you had an amazing day all the way from Costa Rica! Today, the team had time to worship, meet with God, and fellowship, as we let Boca Baptist have their usual Sunday service.

We arrived at Boca Baptist at 2:00pm today, and I (Eion) had the privilege to ride with Mr. Holck and Ricardo to pick up the kids. It was incredible seeing hundreds of little ones sprinting to the car as soon as we pulled up. The joy of seeing us again was all over their faces, and it was so amazing seeing the impact our relationship with them has. It’s truly amazing seeing the joy Jesus sends to these kids through our team.

I (Josiah) also arrived at Boca Baptist at 2:00 p.m., but I had the opportunity to lead worship along side Nick Skipper and Tena Petrie. Then I hung out with the kids as their guide, we did crafts, music, and learned about Saul. After we had finished the second day of VBS all the team members and I hung out with the kids and played football, soccer, frisbee.

This was an incredible day for our team, and we’re extremely excited to see what God does tomorrow. Please be praying for us as we go into our last day of VBS! God bless you all! We can wait to share with you the many other things Gods done here.

– Eion Hollan & Josiah Rowland