Kid Quotes

Why are you involved with Kids On A Mission?

Madilynn – age 7 – I like to help people by giving them what they need and sharing the word of God with them.

Mikayla – age 10 – I see it impact the lives of children when we share the gospel of God with them.

Josiah – age 12 – I like reaching out and helping others.

Jailyn – age 8 – I love to see how we can make things change in the lives of kids.

Sam – age 10 – I enjoy serving kids and showing the love of Jesus.

Emily – age 7 – I like showing Jesus to the kids.

How have you seen God work through your opportunity of serving others through Kids On A Mission?

Madilynn – age 7 – I have seen an example through Kaitlin and how she shared her ideas with others when she was younger and how her example has brought more kids wanting to help others in need and share God’s word with them.

Josiah – age 12 – I have seen God’s light through erving the kids.

Sam – age 10 – I have seen God by helping others and the joy it brings to the kids.

Jailyn – age 8 – Knowing that the money we raised helped give a kid a smile to have a new backpack makes me happy. Also I have been given more confidence to talk to other kids about coming to church and see that what we talk about really helps my friends want to come to church not just because their parents go to church.

Emily – age 7 – I see His love.

Mikayla – age 10 – When we help others in need it can make those helping and those receiving feel joyful and they sometimes will go on to help others and give back.