Our Vision

Over the years, Kids On A Mission has continued to invite our friends to join us in impacting the world.  God has called us to train young leaders to make a difference in the lives of less fortunate kids in our communities and around the world who need to know the love of Jesus.  We know that mobilizing and empowering other kids to work together to lead projects of compassion will make a great impact on the world.

Kids On A Mission does this by training and mentoring kids while resourcing those that desire to lead projects that impact the lives of less fortunate kids and their families.

We also encourage families to engage in our local and international service projects.

Our Mission

To EMPOWER kids, DEVELOP their leadership and communication skills, CONNECT them to projects, MOBILIZE kids and partners, GIVE our time, talents and treasures to SERVE kids in poverty and IMPACT the world for God’s glory.

Our Vision

EMPOWER 500 student leaders like you!  MOBILIZE 10,000 of your friends.  IMPACT the lives of 250,000 kids everywhere.