Church two, day two!!! Man what a day it has been. We have been able to see God do many things in us and through us. We got to know so many new kids today and grow our relationships with kids we already had the pleasure of getting to know. One thing I have noticed is that spending time with the kids in Costa Rica means absolutely everything to them. Sam, a girl on our team, made a friend with a little girl last year. She invited her back yesterday and the little girl came to the VBS today. What happened next surprised me. She brought Sam a bag of food so they could share it. It’s crazy to me to see how someone who isn’t blessed with all the things we have, is willing to give so much. Not only did she just share with Sam, she did it with so much joy in her heart. This girl showed us what God calls us to do which is give with a joyful heart.
After the church and all we did there, we went zip lining. Now as you may know, not all people are fond of doing something like that. Now fears are not always easy to deal with. We have all been in situations where our fears really can take a toll on us. But to not let your fears take over and have courage is a hard thing to do. One person I applaud is Ashley. She had been zip lining before but still had no desire to do it again. She didn’t let her fear destroy her fun and stood up to her fears. Using a ton of courage and a whole lot of Jesus she went zip lining anyway. She had so much fun and really enjoyed herself. Not letting her fears take over allowed her to be free and enjoy herself. This trip has been amazing and has showed me and the rest of the team how amazing God truly is. Wether it’s learning what true giving is, conquering a fear, or just how amazing the scenery here in Costa Rica is, God can show us His greatness in many ways. I have been beyond blessed to experience God’s greatness and I’m so excited to see what else God has in store. (P.s. Jeremiah is still upset about there not being any chips and salsa at the restaurant.)

-Karissa & Bryson Moore