As Christians we are called to be a light to the world, but that isn’t always an easy thing to do. The thing is though, even if it’s really hard, it is something we as Christians are called to do. The world can be a dark place, and we have the opportunity and ability to be a light to the world and spread God’s love.

There are many ways we can do this. We can be friends to the friendless, or give to those who need it most. We can make an extra effort to be kind to those aren’t kind to us. We can give of our time, talents, and treasures to further God’s kingdom. When we do these things, when we follow God’s commandments and choose to be a servant to those around us, Jesus’s light will shine through us and people will be able to see him in our life.

People will see and experience His love through us.

Of course, this won’t be easy. Sometimes, we will find people that aren’t easy to be kind to, or we may feel like we don’t have enough time or treasure to share with other people. We have to keep our goal in mind, and that’s to be a light for Jesus, and if we focus on that, we will be able to work harder to show the joy, kindness, and peace we receive from Jesus with the rest of the world.

It’s important that we remember that as Christians, we are a light for Jesus, ambassadors for him, and just like American ambassadors represent America to the countries they visit, we represent Jesus to the world. The way we act and care for others will impact the way others see Jesus.

This is something that we at Kids On A Mission strive to do. Just because you are young, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a light for Jesus and positively impact the world around you. Actually, I think it means the opposite. Being young has given you a special opportunity.  Because you are young, when you do something great for Jesus, when you shine bright for him, people will see and they will be inspired.

So, while you go about your daily life, as you do your chores, go to the store, go to school, or play with friends, remember Who you serve. Remember, that when you shine bright for Jesus and you represent him, you can and will positively impact the world around you and will be a light in a dark world.

-Savannah Moore